Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Part 1

  1. Reflection
  • Detective Michael Bennett, the only detective can save New York City from a terrifying and mysterious killer. The son of the one of New York most influential, powerful and well-known person in the community was been abducted or kidnapped but the kidnapper isn’t demanding for money, instead the kidnapper tried to test or quizzes his prisoner on the price other has pay for his like luxurious things and if the prisoner did not past the quizzes the consequences are fatal. Detective Michael Bennett has ten child of his own can’t understand   what could be or what could lead someone to abduct or target anyone’s child. And when another teenager from a powerful family was been abducted or disappear, and the FBI sends their top abducted specialist. Another character in the story, Agent Emily Parker. Yet before Bennett can protest the FBI’s intrusion on his case, the deadly mastermind changes his routine, and his plans leads up to the most devastating demonstration that one that could bring cataclysmic ruin to every part of New York City.


  1. Connection
  • I can relate this story because I myself the one who influence my friends in to good behavior and attitude, through my life and testimony, some of my friends changed and did not going back to their old life, doing bad things such as stealing, committed illegal drugs, vices and being bad influence to children. My life like a detective to search and consolidate my friends to continue a life like Christ. Before I forgot i would like to know everyone that I’m a follower of Christ and because of Him I have courage and passion to become God’s detective to influence other people and change them to leave their old life. Like what detective Michael Bennett does that through him the New York City saved from a killer and I can imagine that being a Christ detective in the people of this world through Christ Jesus my friends will be saved and other people.


  • Question
  • Who’s the killer or the mastermind of the teenager’s abduction in New York City?
  • Did Detective Michael Bennett can solve the case without the help of others?
  • What if the killer wants money and luxurious things exchange for the lives of the teenagers?
  • Did the killer is homeless?
  • Does the killer unintentionally or intentionally do the abduction?
  • If you were the killer, what will you choose money or nothing?


  1. Prediction
  • Detective Michael Bennett is one of the best detective in the city. He solves many cases like killing, abducting and etc. Detective Bennett easily caught the kidnapper in a very easy way. Detective Michael Bennett is the New York version of detective Conan of Japan. Detective Bennett shows his extraordinary skills in solving this case regarding the abduction of the son/daughters of the riches and influential person in New York City and because of that Detective Bennett got the highest award.


Part 2

# 2 Character Profile

# 9

My feelings about the character is I was so amaze because of the rule of the detective Michael Bennett that through him the New York City saved by his enemy. become a detective is not easy job or work because doing this responsibility your life will be in trouble not only your life but also your love ones. I was so idolize detective Michael for his dignity and passion of his job. Hi do his duty over his personal interest.


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