The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans


The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans

Part 1

  1. Reflection


  • “No man may earn his heart desire. Lest first he brave the smoke and fire”


A story of two best friends and the woman they both love. When a terrible mountain fire forces her to choose between them, all three lives are changed forever.  Edward falls in love with Julia, a woman who works as a rehab counselor for troubled youth. She takes kids out hiking and asks them questions like “How does that make you feel?” One of the kids, Skye, is killed during a forest fire and during the same fire; Edward is injured and becomes handicapped. Julia marries him, even though she is secretly in love with Ed’s best friend, Connor.


  1. Connection

We can’t deny the fact that in reality the situation between Julia, Ed, and Connor are happening and experiencing by many person(s). Actually I can relate much about this novel because it also happened to me. When I have to choose between the one I love, and the one who loves me. I choose the 2nd girl I’ve meet before rather than the 1st first girl that I’ve into a relationship. I’ve left my girlfriend and choose the other girl whom I’ve known and have communication in cellular phone. I was so pathetic for the sake that the 2nd woman will be mine. I realize that everything happened in this world has a purpose, and the  purpose I’ve done before to left the girl I’ve love is to put me into a better person to know the right one and to fixed first myself to be a responsible and having dignity person. Choosing for what you’ve being in yourself is can be put you into a better or worst. Choosing is the hardest thing that you can be experienced choosing between this or that, there or here, to love or to hate, to be or not to be. If you want assurance for the better result, think and think and think for many times because if you’ve decide to choose you can’t turn it back it’s either you reap the consequences or enjoy the rewards.


  • Question
  • What if they didn’t meet each other?
  • What if both guy can’t in love with one woman?
  • What if the other didn’t forego his feeling towards the woman for the sake of his friend happiness?
  • What if the girl didn’t choose between the two suitors?
  • What if Ed is not handicap, did Julia choose him?




  1. Predict
  • Julia, one of the main protagonists of the story chooses Ed out of pity and neglect Connor the one that secretly and truly love. So if the situation goes like this that Julia decided to be with Connor than Ed. Maybe Julia and Connor experiences happiness and shared the contentment of their love towards each other. Love out pity is really down to hell feeling. If I were Ed I’ll never done that, to beg somehow just to love you back. Sacrificial love is the best love that could ever someone to offer without expecting anything.


Part 2


  1. The most things that I wanted to happen in the story was, Ed will banish and let Julia and Connor enjoy the blessing of happily ever after.
  2. Sacrificial love. I admire Julia for this. She has the courage to sacrifice her own happiness just to let others become happy.
  3. The surprising part and the heart breaking one is that when Julia choose to be with Ed than Connor.
  4. I admire Julia for her persistence and loyalty for her decisions. She stands for what is right and what must be right thing to do.
  5. Cowardness towards your real feeling and hiding it is maybe one of the most disturbing emotion can be feel by somehow.
  6. On Ed side, loving is not a mistake but loving the wrong person can create a chaos.
  7. Can a mistake be right?
  8. Hatred can’t heal by hatred same as mistake can’t happen again.

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