The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Leguin

The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Leguin

Part 1

  1. Reflection
  • George Orr, the main character in the story wakes up from a strange dream and finds accosted by medics. It’s strange because it happens that his dream come into reality. His therapist, Dr. William Haber makes him dream about various dream like turning the painting into a horse, world peace, alien invasion and etc. But in the interval of sessions Dr. Haber used George capability for his own purpose. And when George feels that Dr. Haber little dreams session are an invasion of privacy, so he gone to a lawyer named Heather Lelache. However, Dr. Haber manipulated Heather and his evil plan continues. Unfortunately, Heather and George comes in a great realization they must stop Dr. Haber plans, so George dream that Dr. Haber will be a good and kind doctor so be it, but the consequence is both Heather and George can’t remember each other.


  1. Connection
  • Dream is manipulated by your mind and it is only belong to your mind not became in reality? There are many times in my dreamed make it true, like what I’ve dreamed when I was young, that I was dreamed about my grandmother’s dying, and when the day goes by, it become true and I conclude that there are some dreams became real like what George Orr I read also from the Bible the man who can be translate the dream into reality, the man named Joseph the dreamer, he can perform miracle that he knows what is meaning of the kings dreamed, God gave him the ability to translate and analyze what is the meaning of the dream of others and turn it into reality. Dream is one way to predict our future it is also a revelation to us what happens ahead.
  • Question
  • Does it possible if George dream of war and peace could it be happened?
  • What if, George uses his power of changing his dreams into reality, into changing the world to become better?
  • If every person has this capability, where they use it? Good or bad?
  • If you are George and have that kind of power what will you do?
  • Are you like Dr. Haber are manipulator?
  • A8 dream or reality?


  1. Prediction
  • Once a quotation says “Dreams are for those who sleep and reality are for those who are awake”. For George Orr it’s both. Making your dreams into reality. When he sleep the dreams good things and when he awake it come true. He uses is ability to change the world into a better, nicer and peaceful for every mankind. His not afraid to use it because he knew that he uses it for the better. And, the story will come to its end unless the protagonist can’t meet his partner. So, George met Heather the Lawyer, they become good partners. George never dream of Heather but came into his realty.

Part 2

# 10

My favorite part of this novel that George dream make possible even other person doesn’t believe in him that he has a supernatural ability that no one can do except Mr. George. I was so amaze that every dreamed of George turn into reality. He dreamed to change the world into better place and use his ability in right way. My prediction of this novel if George continually use his ability in right and a good way, the world will change into better place and there are many people a selfish people that can use what George can and the influential person can be manipulate George in the past to fulfill their own interest over duty.

# 9

“The world is kind of in tatters after all this goes down, but soon things to get back to normal.” This quote impacted to me and gave meaning to my life. Every tatters of our decision we made and tatters of success, we just don’t lose hope for t will be turn back into normal even though isn’t look like we should be positive and do good works, because every morning theirs  a lot of chances. it is doesn’t look like if we can do nothing.


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