Pages of the Distant Past

Reading Log in English 75 (Nature of Reading)

“Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper”

I found and bought this book last year in a garage sale. While reading it, I thought that it was very boring and anticlimactic. I guess I just didn’t like the impression given by the series of trials and the characters being in court all the time. Jodi had this style of switching from one’s POV to another. At first, I hated it ( a lot!) but then I started to appreciate how this style widened my view of the story and gave me access to the character’s stream of thoughts.


This book WAS, IS, and WILL always be the saddest, and most emotionally upsetting book I have ever read.

Some of us (including me) are continuously seeking to understand the purpose of our existence. Anna Fitzgerald, the protagonist of this novel, has never questioned hers. That purpose is to KEEP her leukemia-stricken sister KATE ALIVE.

The novel always makes me think about my little sister, Zhayra. She used to be very sickly and she always had trips to the hospital because of that. One day we were all alarmed when she showed my mom that there was a growth in her left breast. She underwent several examinations in order for the doctors to identify the  the status of this cyst. Fortunately, it was just a benign abnormal growth.

I was able to relate to Jesse in most parts of the story. He felt so helpless about the situation of Kate. Yeah I’ll admit that I did not do CRAZY things like what he did but I believe that he’s my SPIRIT CHARACTER (if there is such thing) in this novel.

I believe that Kate will be a very successful woman one day. I am also very happy for Campbell and Julia’s marriage. I think they’ll name one of their kids after Anna (just a wild guess though).

The author did not really leave the story in an open-ended note but you can still paint your own picture of how the characters will live a life WITHOUT ANNA.

There are some questions in my mind though. These are for Jodi!

Why did you have to write a story like this, have you no heart for your readers?! (kidding!) I know that she actually has kids so how she managed to create this twisted novel is beyond me.

These are for the other readers out there! Do you really think that the sanctity of Kate’s life is more important than the quality of Anna’s life? How about Anna’s sudden death due to a car crash, is it a justifiable plot twist?



An “In-Depth Interview” of Kate, Anna, and Jesse

Host: Hello guys! How are things?!

Kate: Things are great and well (murmurs “except me”)!

Anna: All’s well except me and my mom.

Jesse: …

Host: Ahmmm, the audience really wants to know how you guys 
feel about the ending of the story! Let's start with Kate, shall we?

Kate: Well, the ending of our story was very shocking, to be honest. It shouldn’t have happened to Anna, I should have been the one to die (starts sobbing).

(Anna comforts Kate while Jesse stares angrily at the host)

Host: I'm so sorry Kate, how 'bout you Anna?

Anna: So I died! It doesn’t really bother me, I think the family needed a break from all the drama.

Jesse: How could you say that?!

(Kate cries a little harder)

Anna: What I’m saying is that you guys needed something to wake you out of the horrific nightmare happening to our family, and that was me.

Kate: That is not true Anna!

Host: Let's move on to Jesse shall we?

Jesse: Do you really have to ask how I feel?! You know what, let’s put an end to this show. Screw you!

(Jesse proceeds to the camera)

Host: Let's all calm down plea...



A Poem for the Fitzgerald Family


Sing me to sleep . When all is not well . If life is like hell . Sing me to sleep

Help me rise . Away from my aching heart . Take me out of the dark . Help me rise

Surrender . This weary soul . This worn out body. Surrender

You are my stone . My gravity . Pull me back to your arms . You are my stone

Love . So pure and sincere . Is all we need . Is all we share . Love



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